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Economy in power, time and money up to 35%

The oven has double crystal with a gap between. This, in combination with the high-quality heat insulating materials enclosing the oven, keeps the temperature inside the oven and not outside (e.g. the handle on the appliance). This prepares food faster and more economical.


The 31lt oven, as well as the capacity of the pan (ASSOS 1000-2000-2500-3000), is one of the largest in the market. The 5.7cm deep pan, combined with the excellent length and width dimensions (37cm x 30cm), fits 8 serving meals. The oven can also fit an oval hull Ø38cm with a height of max 19cm. For even greater demands, ASSOS 4000 is also available with a capacity of 36lt.

Ease of cleaning

inally, the unpleasant cleaning of the oven is over. That’s why we’ve taken care to use first quality enamel, just like large electric kitchens that are easy to clean.





Technical Specifications 1000 2000 2500 3000 4000
Grill 1200 W * * * * *
Oven 1300 W * * * * *
Hob Ø18 | 1500 W * * * *
Hob Ø14,5 | 1.000 W * * *
Hob Ø8 | 450W * * *
Total Power 1.300 W 3.250W 2.800W 3.250W 3.250W
Oven dimensions (WxDxH) 40x35x22 40,5x35x22 40,5x35x22 40,5x35x22 40,5x40x22
Pan dimensions (WxDxH) 37,5x30x5,7 37,5x30x5,7 37,5x30x5,7 37,5x30x5,7 37,5x36x5,7
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 55x44x35,5 55x44x35,5 55x44x35,5 55x44x35,5 55x49x35,5
Color White White, Brown White White, Brown White, Brown

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