M-100 type

This entirely enameled heater has top flue installation and is equipped with one wreath for easy cleaning. Its high efficiency doesn’t drop because the two enameled ovens function as a secondary exhaust delay chamber. Its top oven is used for cooking and the bottom one as a heat chamber. It also has a cast iron plate under the enamel fireplace. It is ergonomically designed so the tank is embedded in the heater and it doesn’t occupy too much space.




Heat output (kCal/h) Heat output (Kw) Thermal efficiency Min Consumption (It/h) Max Consumption (It/h) Dimensions (cm) (HxDxW) Weight (kg) Tank Capacity (lt) Colour
10.000 11.6 80% 0.30 1.00 80x78x48 58 8 Honey brown, Grey

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